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Panga at Movie Released Today

What are the Panga Movie and what exactly is it all about? It is an Indian drama directed by Gaurav Kumar. It is about a traveling family, a middle class family of poor people who are plagued by the main character by the name of Sanjay. He has a criminal past and his wife tries to keep him out of trouble.

The trailer gives away some plot details. After talking to the actors, and a little research, I came up with my own speculation and analysis of what I feel is a good, if not perfect, Panga Movie.

The Panga trailer seems to have the same content as the Wiki. The basic storyline is the same. The family travels to a village that they see is undergoing some sort of catastrophe. They seek help from a councilor but they don’t know the exact problem so they simply leave the place.

Now that the film is about to begin there is a big brother type scenario of the story that portrays the entire family. The five main characters are Jaideep, Parman, Dheeraj, Vidya and Devashish. They all feel that their father or the whole family is acting wrong and in a way is no longer fit for their current living. Thus, the family is on the brink of destruction.

The music plays very much like the Wiki with some dance numbers. Jaideep dances in the dance routine while Parman dances behind him. Though these dance routines might not look very original, but they still have a great effect on the audience.

There is a certain level of physical comedy when the two lead actors dance on each other. Also a song is sung to the tune of Panga.

The dubbing is performed by Iyer and Teja Poddar. They are really good in the movie. Their voices are too good to miss out on dubbing.

The characters do have some interesting dialogues. Most of the scenes take place in one room. These scenes include the main characters talking to each other and talking about various events that happen in the society.

There is a wonderful introduction scene to the trailer. The trailer would have been more effective if they had added some shots of the magnificent Delhi city to the trailer. But, these are a small point that is ignored by the makers of the trailer.

All the scenes of the trailer add up to form a more cinematic version of the movie. The trailer also gives out some good information on the cast and crew. It is easy to spot some of the main actors from the cast.

The Panga Movie trailer does capture the essence of the movie in the limited time it had. In addition to the story and the acting it also gives out a lot of information on the cast and its crew.


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